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Gorgeous green stuff to get you going.

Discover a few of our favourite things that spring from this extraordinaire colour.

Come with us as we reveal some of the great green stuff, that’s caught our eye lately.


Green. Now that’s a colour we adore. It makes us think of gorgeous things, like rolling hills, strong, proud trees, glittering emeralds and this big, beautiful planet of ours (oh, and super-chilled green bottles of naturally sparkling refreshment, otherwise known as Perrier). No wonder green’s been voted the world’s favourite colour1. Yep, it’s not just us, everyone thinks green’s one of the good guys, helping make life even more extraordinaire. So here’s a sneaky peek at some magnifique green things we’ve spotted. Keen for green? Read on…


Ascend to Pura eco heaven


Ascend to Pura eco heaven

Inspiration for our second jungle villa perhaps

A post shared by Pura Vida Ecolodge (@puravidaecolodge) on Oct 27, 2014 at 9:14am PDT

Green in every sense of the word, the Pura Vida Ecolodge in Tres Rios, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, has won the coveted Airbnb 'Super Host' badge three years in a row. And it’s not difficult to see why – views don’t get much more extraordinaire (or more green). Brimming with environmental credentials, this magical place hangs dramatically over the luxuriant jungle canopy, allowing guests to ‘off-grid’ and totally tune out from reality; with only toucan, pizotes, parrots and monkeys to interrupt the tranquillity. Aaaaahh… (or should that be ooh, ooh aaaaahh?) Find out more here



Grow your own green art


Grow your own green art

Gardens are great (and on the whole rather green, we’ve noticed). But we reckon they’re even better when tweaked, teased and topiaried to perfection. So if you’re lucky enough to have a spot to call your own, why not get out into it, let your imagination run wild, and turn your backyard into a living art installation? Kiss goodbye to the expected and create something out-there and experimental, with intriguing twists at every turn. Make it mysterious and surprising, and abundant with entrancing experiences to delight and enthral. Need some green-fingered inspiration? Check out this bunch of beauties



Eat green and be merry


Eat green and be merry

If you can’t stand waste but love a tasty feed, especially if it’s at a knock down price, we reckon you’ll gobble up this awesome app called OLIO. Clever, free and gloriously green, it connects you with neighbours and local shops, so surplus food can be shared not thrown away. Why not download it at the App Store or Google Play now, then get your neighbours over for dinner? ‘Appy days!



Get the green look


Get the green look

You love the comfort of sweatpants and a tee with bolognese stains, but also wanna look decent enough to be seen in public? Congratulations - our new smocking dresses are for you.

A post shared by Reformation (@reformation) on Jan 29, 2018 at 10:11am PST


Green fashion isn’t all about stunning hues of our favourite colour (although you have to admit it does go with absolutely everything). But if you think you’ll have to start rocking the hippie look to tick the eco box, think again. Reformation and EDUN are two super-cool labels that take their green credentials as seriously as they do their style, creating stunning designs from sustainable fabrics and practices. Go chic-ological today (and make your friends green with envy)!



And…Perrier of course!!


And…Perrier of course!!

Last but by no means least, it’s our iconic bottle and the bubbly refreshment within. A complete design classic with curvaceous lines in our unmistakable Perrier green, it gently hugs our naturally sparkling H2O inside. But it’s not just our iconic bottle that’s gorgeous in green. Our source in Vergèze, France from where our eau-so-refreshing water springs, nestles in a lush landscape, and is lovingly protected to preserve the unique flavour of the area (and our water too). C’est fantastique, n’est pas?


And there it is, just a few brilliant things that we’ve spotted which show why this much-loved colour is such a world-class favourite. So what are you waiting for? Go green today…



1. A global survey supported by Hull City of Culture 2017.

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